Negative Ion Shield Protection
wherever your journey may take you
Safe, sanitized, purified air for the most precious members of your family.
AVP-858GS Travo Pur Personal Air Purifier :
1. Ions Generated : Ions Generated:≥ 28 mil/cm²
2. Operating Time : 144 Hours
3. Charging Time: 3 Hours
Electrolysis Generator (Sanitizing Sprayer)
Electrolysis Generator (Sanitizing Sprayer):
1.Ready in just 10 minutes! Use only tap water + salt!
2.Extremely effective to clean, deodorize, and to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.
3.Harmless to human skin, the choice over irritating rubbing alcohol and traditional disinfectant.
4.Ideal for daily cleansing during flu season.
Cool, Purify, Humidify For Better Air
IGLOO Mini Air Cooler:
1.Cool:Rapid reduction of surrounding temperature
2.Purify: rear Pre-Filter + Cooling Filter + 15mil Anion lonizer
3.Humidify:Replenish moisture
4.Coverage: 4ft/ 1.2m
5.Icy Packs X2: Prolong chilling effects
Travo Pur
Safe, sanitized, purified air for the most precious members of your family.
Travo Pur Personal Air Purifier:
1. Ions Generated : Ions Generated:≥ 20 mil/cm²
2. Operating Time : 168 Hours (one week)
3. Charging Time: 3 Hours
4. Changeable Front Panel
Air Purifiers
Safe, sanitized, purified air for the most
precious members of your family.
Our advanced air purifying systems can effectively remove:
1. Smoke
2. Allergens
4. Germs and bacteria
5. Large particle pollutants
6. Dust particles, dandruffs, and pet hair
Our latest technologies
1. WallBreak Technology, penetrate germs and bacteria to dissolve membrane to kill
2. SilverShield Technology, stop germs and bacteria growth to prevent secondary pollution
3. PureSense Technology, smart sensing systems for VOC, smoke, and pollutants to auto-activate
4. Whisper Quiet DC Motor
5. HEPA – H12, H13 medical grade filtration media
Air Washers
Designed for quiet healthy personal space.
Clean moist air for easy breathing.
Most suitable to be used with air conditioners and heaters in:
1. Bed room
2. Home study room
3. Family room
4. Office space
to avoid dry skin and discomfort caused by dry air.
Advanced Air Circulator
To prevent condensed trapped air,
our circulators are extremely effective
to move air with turbine air flow to
achieve whole room circulation.
Using with air conditioners / coolers,
heaters, humidifiers, and purifiers,
the indoor air temperature,
air humidity, and air quality will be
more uniformed for more comfortable living.
1. Four Air Speeds 1/2/3 TURBO for desired comfort and performance
2. Auto Shut OFF Timer 1H/2H/4H/8H for user convenience
3. Horizontal Oscillation for wider air circulation coverage
4. Air Volume of 11.3 cubic meter per minute
5. Air Speed of 7.6 meters per second